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A New Book by Author Melinda Hardin

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About Uneclipsed:

We live our lives in the shadows.

Shadows cast by our circumstances, our loved ones, our jobs, our religion. But how do you find your way out of the shadows and into the light when you feel like your life is being eclipsed by all the world's expectations, challenges, and obligations?

Since childhood, Melinda Hardin has felt the weight of her identities press down on her: the proverbial hero child, the model Christian, the perfect wife. After failing to meet impossible standards and hitting the bottom of the bottle one too many times, she realized she had the power to step out from the darkness and back into her authentic self. Easier said than done; as with all good things, it was and still is a hard-fought battle, one that evolves and fluctuates as her world changes.

Melinda’s bare-faced memoir recounts with rawness, hilarity, and insight a life path paved with both the greatest joys and the greatest personal failures—through addiction, rediscovering God, and finding fresh courage to shine with purpose.

Melinda Hardin

is an author, a prolific journaler and keeper of a stack of notebooks, the sporadic creator of social media posts, and the infrequent contributor to her town's local magazine. She's a professional encourager, with trained experience in wellness and resilience, and is gifted at reimagining a better way. She loves soulful music, everyday rituals, being in nature, and redemption stories. She lives in her hometown of Shelbyville, Kentucky, with her two girls, Celia and Annie and her dog, Milo.

WRITE AT THE TABLE: A Woman's Night to Write

Write at the Table is a casual + cozy roundtable writing experience for the writer in us all.

Love to write?

There’s a spot at the table for you.

Never written before?

There’s a spot at the table for you.

Stuck in your writing?

There’s a spot at the table for you.

Think you can’t write?

There’s a spot at the table for you.

Whoever you are, whatever place you find yourself on the journey to discovering the magic of writing - There is a spot at the table for you.

Join published writers Melinda Hardin + Jillian Timberlake February 21, 2023 from 6-9pm

for a delightful night of dinner, writing, inspiration, and some special surprises along the way.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the table. There is a seat with your name on it.

Register by sending your payment of $69 through Venmo to @StreamsofGold. Please make sure to notate the following in the payment memo:


Phone Number


"Write at the Table"

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